How to Develop Design Concepts to Improve Your Workflow?

  • By Kalyani Bhavsar
  • November 11, 2023
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How to Develop Design Concepts to Improve Your Workflow?

How to Develop Design Concepts to Improve Your Workflow?

The process of coming up with a possible plan of action in response to an issue, a project, or a task is referred to as idea creation. Though it might be difficult, coming up with fresh ideas is an essential aspect of the creative design cycle and a valuable ability to have, particularly if you want to stay in the creative industry for a long time. In this Blog, we will discover more about How to Develop Design Concepts to Improve Your Workflow?


Who Uses Idea Generation?

Almost every person who expresses creativity uses idea generation, but it’s also a crucial step in the process for any professional creative practitioner.


This aspect of creativity basically distinguishes a creative from the general public or a customer because it is the manifestation of the creative person’s capacity to generate and investigate ideas. Thus, in order to refine their expertise and abilities, creative practitioners must try and explore with this ability.  


Interior designers, photographers, graphic designers, landscape designers, fashion designers, marketers, scientists, writers, political strategists, artists, and many more professionals employ idea creation techniques.  Unleash your creativity and transform spaces with our Interior Design classes in Pune. Learn from SevenMentor’s industry experts and unlock your design potential!


In reality, there are countless occupations that demand methods for creating concepts. Finding the methods that are effective for you as a person and a creative person is what matters most.


What Makes Idea-Generating Advantageous?


Many people possess an innate creative instinct. Idea creation is a skill that needs to be developed, even while it might not seem necessary to someone who is naturally creative to focus on it as a strategy.


Throughout your work, there will be times when you will struggle to come up with ideas and feel directionless. Being a creative professional means having the ability to come up with powerful, original ideas even when you’re feeling stuck.  


However, if you practice, you’ll be able to come up with original ideas and you won’t fear a blank page again. Consequently, it’s critical to establish methods that you find effective when coming up with ideas.


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Methods for Generating Ideas


There are several established techniques. Feel free to try out and investigate different methods that you find effective while coming up with original ideas. The effectiveness of a technique ultimately depends on the demands of the individual. Some strategies will be more effective than others.   


Maintaining a Sketchbook 


Keeping a sketchbook is a popular method. You should keep a notebook just for your ideas, thoughts, and inspiration. You can have sketchbooks for different projects or project ideas. Consider it a storehouse for your creativity.

Keeping your sketchbook up to date on a regular basis guarantees you have a variety of ideas to choose from when confronted with a particular task. It takes discipline and consistency to get the most out of this strategy, but it also has the potential to become your most valuable asset. 


Mind Mapping 


Maps of the mind are another often used method. Using a framework that facilitates the visualization of connections and the creation of an idea hierarchy, this technique entails the unedited recording of thoughts. This facilitates the exploration of concepts in a wider context as opposed to depending on particular tasks or initiatives. 


A fully developed mind map can show relationships and overlaps between concepts that can inspire fresh viewpoints or concepts.


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There are many alternative approaches; these are just a handful. Before deciding on the most useful methods for your unique creative process, you will investigate and test out several approaches as your creativity expands.    


How to Document Idea Generation? 


While documenting idea generation is a useful practice, it is not commonly shared with project stakeholders or clients. In order to make sure that you and your team can keep track of ideas and that you have a clear record of the method taken in case similar difficulties develop in the future, it is helpful to keep a detailed record of everything. 


Think about the way you will capture the ideas you generate. No matter if they are in digital or physical formats, folios, folders, or sketchbooks, they should always be documented. Considering that it can be challenging to search through pages and pages of notes, a visual record like pictures, tables, and lists can be very useful. Depending on how you do it, you should try to document your procedures in a way that is easy to read and understand, especially if you plan to refer to them later. 


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How to Analyze Results of Ideation? 


It is usually advisable to set aside some time to evaluate and talk about the concepts you have written down. Before presenting your ideas to clients and stakeholders, you should identify any potential value in them and compare and contrast them to assist you refine them. Transform spaces and elevate aesthetics with SevenMentor’s Interior Design Course in Pune!.


The following factors should be taken into account while assessing ideas generated through your idea generating process:


  1. What are the pros and what are the cons?  
  2. What are the opportunities and what are the limitations?  
  3. What are the benefits and what are the costs? 


Consider them to be the same inquiries you would pose to yourself while choosing other options. What if you were organizing a vacation? Maybe you’re debating between a beach or mountain getaway and a night out in the city? What are the benefits and drawbacks you consider when making this choice?  


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