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  • October 1, 2021
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The word tooling refers to the hardware necessity to produce a particular product as requirement of human 

The most common classification of Tools are as Bellow by AutoCAD Classes in Pune:

  1. Sheet metal press working tools.
  2. Molds are used tools for plastic molding and die-casting.
  3. Jigs and fixtures for guiding the tool and holding the work piece device
  4. Forging tools use for hot and cold forging
  5. Gauges are used for measuring the instruments.
  6. Some other Cutting tools which use such as drills, reamers, milling cutters broaches, taps, etc.


About Sheet metal press tools:

Sheet metal press tools are custom built to produce a component of sheet metal.

Press tool is of stampings device, this use for the of operations like shearing, blanking, piercing, and forming operations like bending, drawing, etc. Sheet metal items such as automobile parts roofs, fenders, caps, bonnet, door, Car Parts, CPU, & also components of

Aircraft’s parts, household appliances, sheet metal parts of electronic equipment, Precision parts required for the manufactured by press tools.


Molds are widely used for plastic molding and die-casting :

The primary function of a mould or the die-casting die is to create a shape as given to the Core & Cavity for the finished product. In other words, it is imparting to get desired shape to the plasticized polymer or molten metal and cooling it to get the part as per the requirement of the product. It is basically made up of two sets of components i.e CORE & CAVITY.

Now a days different mould construction method are used in the industry. The mould is loaded onto a machine for traveling one place to other place where the plastic material , molten material can be plasticized or melted, injected and ejected

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Types Of Moulding Process

 Injection Moulding

Extrusion Moulding

Compression Molding

Blow moulding

  1. we are using a jig & Fixture for guiding as well as holding the work piece :

To produce products and components with highly accuracy & large quantities with a high degree & accuracy at a competitive cost, specially designed tools is to be used. Jigs and fixtures are manufacturing pieces of equipment, which make hand or machine work easier. By using such tooling, we can reduce the fatigue of the operator and shall give accuracy with increases the production quality.  

The use of specially designed tools will lead to an improvement of an accuracy with quality of the product and to the satisfaction of the consumer. A jig is a device in which a work piece / component is hold and located for a specific location for operation in such a way, it will guide one or more cutting tools in one time.

A fixture is a device to hold work-piece or holding device used to locate accurately and to hold securely one or more work pieces in one time so that is the required machining operations can be performed the same stage.

Introduction of Press Tools

Press working is used as a general term to cover all press working operations on sheet metal. The stamping of parts from sheet metal is shaped or cur through deformation or operation by shearing, punching, drawing, stretching, bending, coining, etc. Production rates are also high. A pressed tool part may be produced one or more combination of three fundamental press tool operations from AutoCAD Training in Pune such as


  1. Cutting
  2. Forming
  3. Coining


  1. Cutting to a pre-determined configuration by exceeding the shear strength of the material. (blanking, piercing, lancing etc) 
  2. Forming where by the desired part shape is achieved by overcoming the tensile resistance of the material.  (drawing or bending) 
  3. Coining accomplishes surface displacement by overcoming the compressive strength of the material. (compression, squeezing, or forging)

Blanking or Forming the under the principle of the stamping process it may be desired as the use of force and pressure for cutting the work pieces of sheet metal into the required shape. the shape of the part will be produced by the Die & Punch, which are positioned in the stamping press. In most production of operations the sheet is placed to on the die and the descending punch is forced on to the work piece by the press. Costs tend to be low since complex parts can be made in few operations at high production rates.


The Press tools operation are mentioned in Bellow: 

1 Blanking

2 Piercing

3 Cut-off

4 Parting off

5 Perforating

6 Trimming

7 Shaving

8 Broaching

9 Side piercing

10 Dinking

11 Lancing

12 Bending

13 Forming

14 Drawing

15 Curling

16 Bulging

17 Swaging

18 Extruding

19 Flaring, lugging or collar drawing

20 Cold forming

21 Planishing

22 Compound

23 The Progressive operations

24 Assembly tools

25 Combination tool 

26 Sub press operations


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About above all the operation & details, i will release in next blog with Diagram within AutoCAD Course in Pune.


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