Listen up!

  • By Aditi Kulkarni
  • March 1, 2023
  • German Language
Listen Up

Listen up!

Listen up!”- as the blog title goes- it’s all about music, its effect on us, and how we can use it to our benefit. We listen to music every day. Even if you are feeling sad, happy, energetic, excited, or tired; you will always have a playlist ready for every mood. Singing our favorites or dancing to them is always fun. We always face many questions like “Is learning a new language easy?”, “Can we really learn languages through Music, dramas, films, and friends?” or “What tips do you have for making language learning easy and fun?” The answer is YES! Learning a new language is always fun and easy. In this digital era; you don’t need to follow those conservative ways of learning languages and go through big books and dictionaries. It is true.


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Effects of Listen Up Music on Us:

There are many music genres. Jazz, Pop, R&B, Country, Soul, Classic, Hip-hop, EDM, Rock, and Metal are some of them and a song is always a combination of these. When one listens to music, all the parts of the brain react to it. They react to pitch, volume, our memory with that song etc., and our feelings (emotions) are a result of the release of hormones like dopamine.

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Soft music like Jazz helps us with stress and makes us calm. We can concentrate better when we are listening to this genre. Classical music always helps with memory and makes one feel energetic too. Upbeat music like Pop, Hip-hop sets endorphins free and makes us happy. Rhythmic music helps with meditation. Rap music has helped many against depression or feeling low. Thus, listening to different kinds of music engages a larger network of your brain and different emotions will work things out for you while you are engaging yourself in your daily routines.

Now, if we think about how we can use this to our benefit- people studying various art forms find music important and get knowledge from it. Why? Because listening to music will increase your creativity; as your feelings are triggered, you make yourself more sensitive to your surrounding and start noticing things more. It becomes a medium with which people communicate their emotions, meanings, and intentions. It can also be a medium for people with special needs. 

For language learners, I would like to share my own experience first. For 5 years, I have been listening to Korean music and I have also seen many K-dramas. I can understand Korean quite well and also speak a little. I have a good knowledge of Korean culture and it made my pronunciation clear as well. I could understand many native phrases through the dramas and lyrics which can’t be taught by a book. It is said that, whether it’s spoken, signed or written; language is human universal. I experienced that music can be your language too. It crosses through all those language barriers and makes your mind familiar with that foreign language.


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Language learning through music is fun. It makes self-study more interesting and easy. Due to similar features that music and language share, many of the brain areas that process language also process music. You can remember the lyrics and melody of your favorite song for a long time. Compared to learning from books, music can be heard anywhere. You don’t need to carry a heavy device like in the case of books. Music helps with easy understanding of vocab and pronunciation. When you listen to complete sentences through music and learn them, you also learn how to apply complex grammar parts in a sentence without diving deep into unnecessarily big rules. If you are learning tonal languages, Music and dialogues help you with the tone of speaking. Mandarin is a good example here. Depending on the tone, some words with exact same writing form can have different meanings. Thus, listening to them more and more is the only way one learns them faster. Also, lyrics of the songs are generally composed of informal expressions and words. We don’t necessarily learn them from books and classes. This native way of speaking requires talking to natives or listening to them.

Steps to learn a new language through music Listen Up!:

Talking about German music, Germany is the largest music market in Europe and the third largest in the world. German classical music is one of the most performed music genres in the World and German Operas are considered popular among Europeans. Germany claims some of the most renowned composers, singers, producers, and performers in the world. The popular genres are Punk, Rock, Jazz, Hip-hop and Indie.

First don’t force yourself to get used to the language by watching only subtitles; let the music flow through you. Once it becomes familiar start finding lyrics and lastly use your dictionary to find some unfamiliar words (not all! As it gets boring). 

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What other ways are there to make your language learning experience better? :

You can try watching German Films like ‘Lola Rent, ‘Almanya: Willkommen in Deutschland’ and ‘Soul Kitchen’. Different German web series are also available on Netflix and other OTT platforms. ‘DARK’ is one of the most famous series on Netflix which is in German. Try to find if your favorite shows have audio or subtitles in German. That might help too. Lastly, you can read books with German short stories which are available on Amazon or Flipkart or simply chat with a Friend who can speak German well. Remember practice is the key!! The more you think in that language; the more it helps to get familiar with it. 

The benefits of learning a new language this way include- having fun, making more friends, and getting more cultural knowledge about the countries. Having native knowledge boosts your confidence and you get attached to the new experience.

Listen up!

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So, in my opinion, you should “listen up!” to your favorite songs though they are in different languages. Let it be Marathi, Hindi, English, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish or German. Learn that bit of a language in a fun way. That way learning is not tedious and you get to enjoy your language from its core.



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