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Introduction to MPSC

What is MPSC?

MPSC is a Maharashtra Public Service Commission. It is a body established Under Article 315 of Indian constitution. It provides an efficient and smooth functioning of the Government of Maharashtra by providing suitable candidates for various Government posts. Also advise them on various service matters such as Recruitment Rules formulation promotions, transfers and disciplinary actions etc. The public service commission is an intermediary to a life of entitlement and status. Against the India’s huge and thrive population, this is a pathway which offers an instant entry to get respectability and success in life. ‘The government provides all the facilities to officers till the age of 60 along with job security’ which attracts people towards MPSC.

Examinations conducted by MPSC

Maharashtra Public Service Commission conducts various examinations such as: 

1 State Service Exam 

2 Agricultural Service Examination 

3 Maharashtra Engineering Service 

4 Forest Service Examination

Proficiency After Training


After Clearing All Stages Your Will Eligible For - Deputy Collector, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Deputy District of Registrar, Cooperatives Deputy Engineer, Deputy CEO


After Clearing All Stages Your Will Eligible For - Assistant Executive Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Assistant Commissioner of Sales Tax, Livestock Development Officer, Chief Officer, Municipality, Block Development Officer, Finance & Account Officer


After Clearing All Stages Your Will Eligible For - Sub Divisional Agriculture Officer, Assistant Electrical Inspector, Electrical Inspector, Lecturer


After Clearing All Stages Your Will Eligible For - Taluka Agriculture Officer, Circle Agriculture Officer, District Education Officer, CDPO, Naib Tahsildar, Block Development Officer, Chief Officer Assistant Engineer, RFO, Industries Officer


After Clearing All Stages Your Will Eligible For - Police sub-inspector, State Tax Inspector, Assistant Desk Officer, Tax Assistant, Assistant Motor vehicle inspector, Clerk Typist

MPSC Coaching Classes in Pune

How to prepare for MPSC?

MPSC State Services exam is definitely NOT easy to clear. Unlike the school or college exams, there is no Pass or Fail in this exam. Here are some points which should be taken into consideration while preparing for MPSC:

  • MPSC Syllabus: Before you start to prepare for MPSC exam, the very first step is to read and understand the detailed MPSC syllabus. 
  • Time Management: This is really very important to manage the time very well in the exam as this exam is not mere a knowledge test but the time test. You may be a bright student but you may not be able to answer every question in given time, right? In Preliminary exam, all you have to do is use the “Discriminatory” method while selecting one correct (most appropriate one) answer from the different options. There may be two or more correct answer but you need to choose the most suitable answer. This is not like the school or college exam. The main purpose of this Prelims exam is to eliminate huge number of candidates to choose only the best who can serve the country using their skills, knowledge, judgement, etc. Do not waste your time in answering tough questions, go for easy questions first and then the tougher ones.
  • English: English is the main drawback for students from Marathi medium. English subject is compulsory in MPSC Main exam. However, it is also important for Prelims exam preparation. You may not get everything in Marathi. You may have to read English newspapers to know current affairs of national and international level. Not every Marathi newspaper covers all such events. Neither Marathi news channels cover them so you have to watch English news channels if you want to remain in touch with latest happenings around the World. In Main exam, English is a compulsory subject and many candidates fail to get minimum passing marks in this subject so they fail in the final examination and do not even get a chance for Interview. You have to survive English hurdle to remain in competition with those candidates who have excellent English speaking and writing skills. To overcome this hurdle, read at least one national newspaper daily like “Times Of India”, “Indian Express”, or “The Hindu”; these papers will provide you necessary tools to cut-through the exam. Listen to English news channels for different events; even sports news will help you improve your English.  Listen carefully what they say and try to understand what they are saying. Keep a paper and pen/pencil with you and note down words that you don’t understand. Later on you can check them in a dictionary. Reading English newspapers, listening to English news will help you in improving your written as well as spoken English.
  • Study Approach: MPSC State Services Examination is quite different from the college exam. In college exam, you need to write the right answer but in MPSC exam, you need to write/choose the most suitable answer using your analytical skills. So your approach should be very different while preparing for the exam. You should use extensive study approach, i.e. you should read more than one book for a given topic. The reading should be such that you cover every aspect of the topic/subject. You should know the different angles/issues involved therein. You should not mug-up everything but you should understand everything. Knowledge is the main thing in this exam. As I said earlier, the competition is growing everyday so to survive this you need to be knowledgeable. Then this exam will not be difficult to clear. “Clear” doesn’t mean “Pass”. You have to score above the minimum passing marks but there could be many candidates who may secure the minimum marks so only the candidates who get higher marks will be selected and not everyone who get the minimum marks. You understand what I mean? Candidates fail in this exam because they do not follow what has been explained above. Please remember, in this exam, there is no right or wrong answer but the most suitable answer.
  • No Luck, only Hard-work: As everyone knows, there is no substitute for hard work, right? Here is a test. Can you sit day-dreaming of becoming a very famous Film Actor/ Actress and do nothing? No, you cannot sit idle and become an actor. You have to learn acting or do it yourself. You have to practice a lot and know every aspect of acting. You have to acquire acting skills then only, after so much of hard work, you can become a successful actor. There are actors who are actors but not successful actors, right? So to win the competition, you have to work hard and acquire knowledge of exceptional quality. To clear MPSC State Services Exam, you need to work hard and there is no substitute other than this; not even Luck. If you have high level of knowledge, you will clear the exam and you don’t need Luck at all. People fail because they do not work hard enough. Working hard means studying a lot, spending hours and hours every day on learning everything that is supposed to be known in a given subject. Mastering a subject takes lots of hard work. Many candidates who do a job or business, or undergoing further studies, spend only 2 hours or so for the preparation of this exam because they do not have much time but this is not sufficient for you people who want to leave this job/business and become a Dy. Collector or Dy. SP or even a Naib-Tehsildar. You need to spend at least 4 hours every day. If you look on your daily schedule, you can easily manage 2 hours in the morning or afternoon and 2 hours in the evening or night. You have to work hard else to leave this dream.
  • Wrong or Insufficient Study Material:  Firstly, many candidates try to solve question papers first to know what level of knowledge they have. This is wrong approach. You are going to do this in actual exam so what is the point in knowing what you know about the subject without learning and mastering in it first? After trying to solve the papers themselves without studying first, some people get discouraged and depressed to know they do not know anything. You should learn everything about it and master your subject and then test yourself. This will then be easy to answer any question when you have basic understanding of the subject. Secondly, candidates choose wrong study material. If you are preparing for MPSC State Services, why you try to read books of PSI/STI exams? Go for books that are especially written for MPSC State Services and they cover each topic/sub-topic. Try to collect as much study material as you can. Get at least 2 books/reference material for each topic/subject so that you can cover everything. Remember, the fight is tough and only those candidates survive who are equipped with excellent knowledge – “Survival of the fittest” is the Guru Mantra for this examination.
  • Mock Tests: Most of the candidates either doesn’t know the importance of the practice tests called “Mock Tests” or do not want to know because of insufficient time available with them for the preparation of this exam. In the absence of this practice and experience, they fail. Please remember, practice makes the man perfect. You need to solve old and sample question papers under the exam conditions before the actual exam. Solve as many question papers as you can. You must try to solve at least 10000 (Ten Thousand) questions in total. If you have studied well, you will answer all questions correctly. If you are able to score above 85% of the questions, you have studied well. But remember, there is negative marking so your marks will be deducted from the total score. So it is very important to answer only those questions that are known to you and leave those you do not know what are the answers for them. This will make sure that you get maximum marks without being penalised for the wrong answers. 
  • How to appear for MPSC Exams?

    • Check the official MPSC website or look out for advertisements in Employment News and local newspapers.  Buy MPSC exam application form from the Head Post Office in your area. Note that MPSC exam application forms are available on Head Post Offices only and not at any branch Post Office. The application form comes with MPSC Exams Information Brochure, along with other requisite forms. This Information Brochure gives all the requisite information, including exam venues, instructions to fill the MPSC application form, etc.  Fill up the form with all the necessary details and submit it with the fees to the Head Post Office before the last date of application. About 15 days before the MPSC exam, you will receive an intimation about the exam center, date and time of the exam. This intimation may also come a month before the MPSC exam.
    • How many times I can appear for the MPSC Exam?

    There are no limits to the number of attempts for the MPSC Exam. However, you will have to appear for the MPSC Prelim exam and pass it to be eligible to appear for the main MPSC exam.

  • What is the Eligibility criteria to appear for MPSC Exam in Pune?

    Educational Qualifications for MPSC Exam in Pune: You must have a Graduate degree to appear for the MPSC exam in Pune. Students in their final year of graduation can also appear for the MPSC exam in Pune. Age Qualifications for MPSC Exam in Pune: The minimum age for candidates appearing for an MPSC exam is 18 years, the maximum age generally is 33 years. The maximum age is relaxable for OBC candidates (max. 35yrs.) and for SC/ST/NT candidates (max. 38yrs.).

    Examination Pattern:

    There are following three stages of the examination:

    • Preliminary Examination
    • Main/Written Examination
    • Interview/Personality Test

    Preliminary Examination
    There are 2 papers for the Preliminary exam:

    General Studies (GS)

    Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) carrying 200 marks for each paper.In GS paper, there are 120 questions and in CSAT paper there are 80 questions of multiple choice type. Time allotted is 2 hours for each paper. There will be 1/3rd negative marking in both the papers. The Preliminary Examination will be held at most of the districts in Maharashtra. Once the Preliminary Examination result is declared, the candidates who are passes in prelims will be called to appear for the Main Examination. Preliminary Examination marks are not counted for the final selection of the candidates.

    Main/Written Examination
    Generally, the Main Examination is to be held approximately four months after the result of the Prelims exam is declared. This examination will be held at four centres viz. Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad and Nagpur. The candidates who qualify in the Preliminary Examination and hold University degree of graduation are eligible to appear for Main Examination. From 2012, there have been some changes in main examination. Four papers for General Studies have been introduced and the optional subjects have been removed from the exam. The detailed syllabi for these papers can be found on official MPSC site. In total there are 6 papers in this exam; among which 4 are GS papers. Language papers for English and Marathi are subjective (essay type). As per new pattern the scope of General Studies has been expanded. The paper for Marathi language is compulsory for everyone and the marks scored in Marathi & English languages are being counted for deriving the final selection list. In case of Police Department posts, the candidate has to full-fill the prescribed requirements of physical ability also.
    Nature of Exam:

    Interview/Personality Test

    The candidates who have passed the written examination (Mains) successfully are called for the interview. As per the changes made in 2012 state civil service examination, the marks for interview have been reduced. Now the interview is for 100 marks. In the interview process, the points taken into consideration are, eligibility required for the candidate’s post opted for, personality, study level of social and national issues, awareness of events occurring around, capacity to take decisions, presence of mind etc. The final merit list will be declared after consolidating candidate’s marks in the Main exam and in Interview. Accordingly, eligible candidates will be appointed at various posts. Please check eligibility requirements before filling the application form, in case of any changes. 

MPSC Coaching Classes In Pune

Why Coaching for MPSC?

It is not actually necessary to get the coaching for MPSC. But I can say you will get some smart ideas from the Best MPSC classes in Pune regarding the exam like how to tackle tricky questions in a smart way, how to do smart work while preparing for the exam etc. With coaching, you will get the proper track. They will suggest you the best reference books. In short, you will get proper guidelines regarding the MPSC examination. 

High success rate of Best MPSC coaching classes in Pune:

Pune has constantly grown and reddened itself as a quality center of education. The city is renowned as the ‘Oxford of the East’, with its 9 universities and over 100 educational institutions. But Pune is also home to countless young aspirants of Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC).
Approximately six lakh students submit MPSC forms, out of which more than one lakh forms are from Pune district alone, the highest in Maharashtra. There are more than 15 Best MPSC coaching classes in Pune and over 100 study rooms and libraries.
“Sixty to seventy percent of students who were successful in MPSC over the past two years have been from Pune.” Every district has 20–30 successful candidates, but Pune alone has over 1000 with a 70 percent success ratio. Which is the highest in Maharashtra state, with more candidates than Nagpur or Mumbai.

Pune’s success rate, its infrastructure, and its facilities have constantly attracted students from rural areas of Maharashtra, and even some from Mumbai.
There are almost eighty thousand – one lakh students preparing for MPSC at any point of time in Pune. This inward mobility of human resources has left a major effect on Pune’s economy. The MPSC pool of talent brings about Rs. Five to six hundred crores in revenue per year for Pune city. This includes all services used by the students, including coaching classes, stationery, books, transport, tiffin, tea vendors, hostels, rent, etc.
Time is money when you are in the MPSC race. You can be successful if you don’t lose your focus and aim. “To keep patience is most important factor for MPSC, some students even take years to clear MPSC” 

Coming to Pune means you are ahead of half of the competition as you can find Best MPSC coaching classes in Pune.
“You are in Pune means you are ahead of 50 per cent of the competition”. It is a lot easier to get updates from MPSC due to the availability of internet in cities. Current affairs too are more easily accessible as all the leading newspapers and publications are easily available in Pune.

In Pune, you can easily understand where you actually stand as compared to the vast competition. Remember, for MPSC you cannot prepare alone. It’s better to study with the right competition. To put a lot of emphasis on understanding the competition level and prepare according to it, is the only way how you can beat everyone else.”


Why SevenMentor?

Seven Mentor is a best place if you are looking for a MPSC institute in Pune. It was established in 2010. We at SevenMentor aim to provide the best training for MPSC exam.

Our Features

Seven Mentor is one of the leading MPSC institute in Pune having best features like:

  • We have experienced and expert faculties for all subjects having thorough knowledge of that particular subject they teach. 
  • Our faculties are experienced enough to guide students for MPSC.
  • We have designed exam oriented time bound comprehensive course, where we cover full syllabus in detail.
  • We provide best notes with updated study material in simple language so that students can easily understand the dynamic nature of the exam.
  • Our focus is on developing conceptual knowledge through teaching the basic concepts in simple language as well as developing comprehending capabilities of the students.
  • We schedule timely periodic tests and provide model test papers for practice.
  • We schedule weekly current affairs sessions by experts. 
  • We monitor the progress of each student by providing personal attention and giving required inputs.
  • We schedule revision classes before exam to brush up all the concepts.
  • We also arrange mock interview sessions by experts.
  • We are located at the centre of Pune with good infrastructure.

Who Can Do this Course?




BE/ Bsc Candidate


Any Engineers


Any Graduate


Any Post-Graduate


Candidate seeking this course

Training Module

Fast Track Batch


Session: 6 Hrs per day + Practical

Duration: 3 Months

Days: Monday to Friday

Practical & Labs: Regular

Personal Grooming: Flexible Time


Regular Batch


Session: 1.5 Hrs per day

Duration: 3 Months

Days: Monday to Friday

Practical & Labs: Regular

Personal Grooming: Flexible Time


Weekend Batch


Session: 4 Hrs per day

Duration: 8 Months

Days: Saturday & Sunday

Practical & Labs: As Per Course

Personal Grooming: Flexible Time



Simran Shah

I’m loving the way SevenMentor is creating MPSC or UPSC aspirants.
The TEACHING METHOD is very student friendly and the faculty is really good in terms of understanding whether the students are progressing or not.
The VIBE of the institute is super exam supportive and positive.

Anju Babar

I am very fortunate to get here. Somethings can only be experienced. This is one of them.
The dedication, efforts and teaching is really unparallel and of highest quality.

If you are really serious about MPSC and UPSC, this is the place for you.

If any doubts, just talk with trainer for a fair and unbiased opinion about your way ahead to UPSC and MPSC!!!

Surabhi Salwi

Very Exam oriented coaching…
1. Conceptual Clarity
2. Proper Answer Writing
3. Well chalked our Exams
4. proper classes

The process which could have taken atleast 3 years (if I had done on my own) was done here in few months (If you are willing to do…!!!

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