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  • October 24, 2019
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Personality Development With SevenMentor

Personality Development

  1. Know why the personality of an individual is important
  2. Learn about positive thinking and impact on personality
  3. Know the role of communication skills in personality development
  4. Understand the connection between physical fitness and personality development


A couple went to a towering institute of great repute to meet the president. The secretary did not like the sight of the couple and accordingly she informed the president. The secretary did not like the sight of the couple and the couple and accordingly she informed the president. The secretary did not like the sight of the couple and accordingly she informed the president about these visitors. The president pretended to be busy and said he had no time for the people who appeared uncouth, uneducated, disheveled and uncultured. When the secretary informed the couple said they could wait till the president would get free. However,  the presence of then in the outer office was irritating for the secretary and the President, so finally the President thought he could meet them briefly to get rid of them fast. He strutted pompously towards them and asked what they wanted. The lady informed the President that her son died while studying in the institute so they wanted to create a memorial in the campus. The President retorted that in that case their campus would become cemetery, if they accept the proposal, she patiently answered that probably he did not understand what she meant; she wanted to donate land to them. The President was flummoxed and asked if she know what the land would cost-it would cost over nine and a half million dollar! The lady quipped,  ‘ only that much?’Its better construct one of their own then to donate to the people who lest respected them. The couple walked away with pride to establish their own institute. The President was discombobulated! All can be said is that personality cannot be judged by only external outlook.

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There are different kinds of people in this world and all of them have different personalities No two faces are exactly alike, nor are their body structure. In fact, there are many personalities as the number of people in this world. Some personalities fascinate you while others put you off. It is important for us to know which personalities are universally liked by everyone. People form images about your personality mostly by your dressing style, behavior walking posture, ways of talking and the way you present yourself in a group. Your expression plays an important role in your personality. If you have pleasant expressions, people feel like approaching and talking to you. If you have stultified looks, nobody wants to get closer to you. When you become part of an organization, you have to behave as per the norms of the organization. More you conform to the expectations of the organization, the better chances you have acceptability.


Know yourself:  No human being is completely satisfied with what he/she has. Most people want to bring certain changes in their personalities. Some even to emulate the behaviours and personal characteristics in desirable ways through personality development.

Personality development means modifying one’s individual behaviour, and attitude which would distinguish one from other people. It is an ongoing process which is largely dependent on the environment and communication. Personality development can also be defined as the growing personal characteristics of individuals.

It is important to know yourself if you have to develop your personality in a desired way. Once you know your limitations and strength, it’s easy to find ways to overcome your shortcomings. For example if you know that you are introvert, then you can speak in a group more often and become a confident speaker. Similarly if you become nervous on seeing your seniors around you. The you can talk to your friends more often and over come that fear. Knowing to understand yourself, therefore is  very important . its is different from knowing your favorite friend, favorite pastime, favorite number favorite dress, etc. knowing yourself is not going against your parents,  but it is more profound then that. To know yourself , you have to see how confidently you deal with different situation . to know yourself is not an easy job it is a long and slow process. It is like a meandering road where you do not see the end, and you have to travel yourself to reach the end. This traveling helps you clear your doubts and increase your confidence while moving towards your destination or goals. You can then cherish the journey because it gives you a new experience at every stage.

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Knowing yourself is understanding your beliefs, moods, body language, personality and relationship. For some people it could be priority to indulge in exercise or yoga and that is the time when you feel their true self and they know more about themselves. You must know your strength know your strength, weakness, passion and fear and pain and ecstasy. You can deal with your life in a better way if you know about your weirdness and idiosyncrasies, tolerance and limits and hatred and likings. you must also know the purpose of your life . You do not know about yourself right from the birth.  As you grow you get to know about yourself at every stage. It is a conscious effort and you should do it with proper intention and purpose. You many get frustrated if you have not spent time to know yourself. For example if in an interview you’re asked about positive traits, you will be tight lipped and you will not have an answer if you have never introspected. The main purpose of knowing yourself is to make you better leader, which would enable you to take right decision and reach your goals faster. So how do you get to know yourself? Knowing some essential things about yourself , which are explained below, will help understand yourself.


Knowing your Personality: There are several personality and assessment test which you can find online. By taking these assessments, you will get to know about your hidden qualities, just ponder over them. What does your name signify? What are your characteristics? What people think about yourself? how do you react to Happy day or  sad day, or a day when you get a reward? Basically you get to know how do you interact with the outside world. 

Knowing your values: you must jot down on a piece of paper the values you possess. Like what are the things on which you cannot comprise and where you can be flexible ?are you honest and truthful and a person of probity? Are you ambitious, responsible and initiator or a follower? Do you value being dedicated to your senior’s command?

Knowing your body: people think they know about their body but they are wrong . When you see your body I the mirror yoy are always surprise. The more you get to know about your body the more you get surprised. Think about it! Do you know about your stamina, your breathing pattern and capacity, your physical limits and your body balance? You may think you have stamina to do lot many exercises. But when you actually start exercising , you may be surprise to find that you cannot do it for more then two minutes. Try to stand up on one leg with your eyes closed and see it yourself and how long you maintain your balance.

Knowing your likes and dislikes: what do you like and dislike is very important and your family and friends should know it. They will talk about things which you like and will avoid talking about things you dislike. For example, if you do not like talking to strangers or travelling to other places, do not do it.  But if you like dancing or shopping or chatting on face book, do spend some time on these things.

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Knowing you moods: There are many adjectives which can be used to describe your mood .  It can be it can be good or bad, sorrow or delightful. Identify what risks you or what gives you peace of mind.

Learn about the ups and downs of your mood so that you can find ways to enhance the ups. Try to get rid of your bad mood by doing meditation or by perusing the hobbies you like.



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