Professional Attire and Grooming

  • By Priyanka Parmar
  • February 18, 2023
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Professional Attire and Grooming

Professional Attire and Grooming

Why do you think grooming is considered to be one of the most important things while communicating with someone? Rather why is grooming considered to be one of the important etiquettes? 

First impressions matter and paying attention to business etiquette is an important sign of professionalism. It also helps build trust among colleagues. The focus is to acquire a thorough understanding of the importance of adhering to business etiquette including grooming and manners in a professional environment. This would include professional attire and grooming, body language, etiquette in meetings, office/cubicle etiquette, and dining etiquette. If you’re looking to enhance your communication skills, build confidence, and develop a positive attitude, then SevenMentor’s Personality Development Classes in Pune is the perfect choice for you.

To understand this, we need to first look at what are the basics of Grooming: –

  • Teeth & Mouth 

Avoid eating any kind of food that will stain your teeth. Also, fresh breath is a must!! No gum or mints in your mouth!!



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  • Mild Perfume/ No body odour

Don’t overdo cologne or perfume. It can also attract unnecessary attention. However, body odour when working in a professional environment is not acceptable either.



  • Appropriate Jewellery 

Be conservative in your choices. Don’t overdress it to grab attention or distract yourself too.



  • Clean Clipped Nails

Always have clean nails and hands. Remember to keep your nails clipped/ chopped on a regular/frequent basis. But also, this varies from profession to profession.



  • Closed Shoes 

Wearing slippers is not acceptable at all!!! It is highly recommended that men, in particular wear closed shoes which are polished in order to look professional as compared to women, who need to be more particular with their choice. Not loud, not uncomfortable.



  • Appropriate Make Up (Women)

If you must wear make-up, just remember the purpose of doing so is to look presentable. In an office setup, makeup should be very light, just to appear well-groomed. 



Professional Attire for Men: –

So, what is the right professional attire for men? When in doubt, go with the menu i.e., business formals. It is always better to be conservative!!

  1. Well-fitted Business Suit
  2. Light Coloured Shirt
  3. Dark Trousers- Black/Blue
  4. Sobber Tie 
  5. Leather Belt/Shoes



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Other things to Remember: – 

  • The colour of your socks should match your trousers.
  • Avoid white or athletic socks with your formal attire.
  • Your belt should be black or dark brown and should match your shoes. (It shouldn’t be bold or too attractive to grab attention.)
  • Shoes should be in good condition and well-polished to make a good impression.
  • Avoid wearing boots with formal attire.


Professional Attire for Women: –

For women, it is not like men any specific attire but do follow the following:

  1. Saree/Kurta -Not flashy
  2. Shirt/Top with Trousers/Skirts
  3. Blouse/Top with sleeves
  4. Skirt with knee length – not very tight 
  5. Sandals/ Closed shoes – fewer heels (Comfortable to walk)

Please make sure, you don’t wear too much jewellery!!

In short, we conclude: –

  • First impressions matter.
  • Business etiquette facilitates cross-cultural communication and trade in addition to increasing productivity in the workplace.
  • When in doubt, go with business formals. It is always better to be conservative.
  • A few important business meeting rules include reaching the venue a few minutes before time, having a strong agenda, being concise, and drinking tea/coffee/water, but not eating.
  • A firm handshake conveys confidence, assurance, interest and respect.
  • Always introduce the junior person to the senior person and start by naming the senior person.
  • As far as business card etiquette is concerned, present the card face up.
  • It is important to follow some basic dining etiquette.
  • The napkin remains on your lap throughout the meal and should be used to gently blot. But never use the same napkin to wipe your face. 
  • Once you are done with the meal lay your fork and knife horizontally or diagonally across your plate.
  • Always keep your cell phone away while dining. However, if it is an important call that you must answer, then make sure you excuse yourself first and then attend the call.
  • Don’t mention any work-related confidential information on social media sites or post anything on social media without permission.
  • Body language is very influential in forming impressions on the first meeting on someone.
  • Arms crossed in front of the chest indicate that one is being defensive.
  • Smiles are important signals of generosity and non-aggression.
  • In the workplace, touching is fairly uncommon. Use the handshake as a universal form of touching to avoid offending others.


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Effective communication is a strong determinant of your success. Good communicators often manage to land good roles, are preferred for promotion and are able to also articulate their ideas well. Gone are the times, when communication was just a “nice” thing to have. We now operate in a world where it is mandatory to have effective communication skills to succeed on the personal as well as professional front. At SevenMentor Personality Development Training in Pune, we focus on developing communication skills, body language, and emotional intelligence to help individuals build their confidence and develop a positive attitude towards life.

Be careful with your body language and etiquette!!!



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