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Software Testing

Software Testing –

Software testing is the process of testing the developed software to make sure there are no critical or blocker bug in the software. Testing is also done to check the quality of the software.

How to define quality of a software?

Quality of the software is defined by the satisfaction of the client, actually client come to us with some expectations that we mean “software companies” will fulfil all their requirements. If all the requirements requested by the client are fulfilled by the company means that client is satisfied if the client is satisfied, then the quality of the software is good.

Software testing is a small phase in the software development so before we see what is software testing we need to study about software development process. So here in this blog we will what is software development process.

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What is Software development process?

Software development is a process where it tells how we are going to develop the software from start what are the different approach to develop the software. Let’s start with the software development.


Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Software development life cycle is a process of the software development where software goes through a different phase in its life. What are the different phase that software goes? Those are-


  1. Requirement collection
  2. Design
  3. Coding
  4. Testing
  5. Installation
  6. Maintenance


Let’s see each phase deeply –


1.Requirement collections:


  • Requirement collection is a phase where the requirements are collected from the client/customer. Requirements are the need of the customer they want in their product/project. 
  • Business analyst or product analyst are the people who is involved in collecting the requirement.
  • The requirements collected by the customer are known as a CRS (Customer Requirement Specification).



  • This phase in the SDLC convert the SRS (Software Requirement Specification) to design plan which is called design specification.
  • There two types of designs that are High Level Design and Low Level Design
  • High Level design is all about the architecture of the project. what platform to use (such as desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone), what data design to use (such as direct access, 2‐tier, or 3‐tier), and interfaces with other systems (such as external purchasing systems).
  • Low Level Design includes information about how that piece of the project should work. The design doesn’t need to give every last nit-picky detail necessary to implement the project’s major pieces, but they should give enough guidance to the developers who will implement those pieces.

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Coding is a phase where the product/project development is going to start. Coding a backend process which is carried out by developer.



  • Here comes the testing phase where in this phase the developed software will be tested against the requirement collected by client/customer.
  • In this phase software is tested for its quality.
  • Software testing is intended to find more and more defects to make sure software contains less bugs and those less doesn’t affect the business. 



  • After finishing the developing and testing we need to handover the project to the customer/client so that will be done in the installation phase.
  • Here we go to the customer/client place and install the software that has been built.
  • After installing the customer start to use it for real time business scenario
  • If bug is found, then he/she will contact to the company to resolve. This will be in maintenance phase.



Maintenance is a phase where we will maintain the software from being crashed and in this phase we will look after the bugs or defects are found at the time of using the software for business those will be fixed in this phase with same developer and test engineer but with less number developer and test engineer.

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This was about the software development life cycle, if you want to become the software testing engineer you need to study about the software full, how the software is developed and what are testing technique to be used to test the software and how to make it quality software and how to satisfy the customer/client that we will study in the software testing that we will see in the next module hope you understood what is SDLC


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