CPP Interview Question
  • By Bhagyashri Sangam
  • October 11, 2020
  • C & C++

In this blog from C and C++ Course in Pune, I  am discussing  Some of the interview  Questions in CPP. Q1) Define  Storage Classes in CPP.  Storage classes define the…

Kotlin vs Java
  • By Nikita Jagtap
  • March 13, 2020
  • Kotlin

Java Vs Kotlin – Which Programming Language Should You Choose For Android Development? When we think of Android development, we have two Android Programming Languages available in the market namely…

  • By Bhagyashri Sangam
  • February 21, 2020
  • Android

Core Building Blocks of Android Component in Android In android, the component is an already pre-written code that has a life cycle. The Core building blocks include these components. In…

Kotlin interview Question and answer 2020
  • By Nikita Jagtap
  • December 27, 2019
  • Kotlin

Interview Questions on Kotlin The new age Kotlin is  latest JVM programming language from the JetBrains. Kotlin was made the official language for Android Development along with Java by Google.…

Introduction of Kotlin
  • By Sonali Mahajan
  • August 27, 2019
  • JAVA Programming

Introduction of Kotlin Kotlin is a new statically typed , open source programming language, which acquires features from other languages like, Java, Groovy, Scala etc. Kotlin fisrt appeared in 2011.…