Full-Stack classes in Pune | Full Stack course in Pune
  • By Manoj Patil
  • October 7, 2020
  • Full Stack

In this block of ‘Web Full-stack’, you gonna understand with the help of Full Stack Course in Pune, How to be an expert full stack developer? Steps to Becoming a…

Best Python Frameworks for Web Development
  • By Nikita Jagtap
  • November 8, 2019
  • Placements

Python Frameworks for Web Development Many programmers and tech companies choose Python due to its simple syntax, extensive libraries, capacities for development and testing automation. Python can be used developing…

Full-Stack Development
  • By Manoj Patil
  • September 30, 2019
  • Full Stack

Full-Stack Development: A new demand in the development market… What is a Full Stack developer?  A full-stack web developer is a technology expert who can work on both in the…

Conditional Statements in Python
  • By Nikita Jagtap
  • August 21, 2019
  • Python

Conditional Statements in Python This blog explains conditional / decision making/branching statements in python, along with syntax and examples. In day to day life, we need to make many decisions.…

Network Automation using Python Programming
  • By Onkar Kubade
  • July 29, 2019
  • Network Automation

Networking Future: Nowadays Network programmability is an advanced trend in the IT industry. It is enhanced and inspired by new network automation technology i.e. Software Defined Networks(SDN) and DevNet, that…

Data Types and Variables in Python
  • By Nikita Jagtap
  • July 26, 2019
  • Python

Data Types and Variables in Python Python is one of the most famous programming languages nowadays. It has gained its popularity due to its simplicity and eases to use. Python…

Top Python Interview Questions
  • By Harshal Patil
  • June 18, 2019
  • PlacementsPythonSoftware Development

Python What are variables? Ans- Variables are reserved memory locations that are used to store values and are referenced by the name. Example : Assigning a contact number by referencing…

Top 56 Python Interview Questions & Answers
  • By Nikita Jagtap
  • June 12, 2019
  • Python

Python Interview Questions 1.Tell me the difference between list and tuples in Python? Ans:  Lists are mutable. Means we can add and remove elements in list. Tuples are immutable Means…