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Today have so many operating system available in market, such as Windows, Mac, Linux etc, out of them Linux is very deferent OS, in future Linux use everywhere understand it from simple example.

As a security professional or hacker I can access any computer or Smartphone operating system with single line of backdoor or malware then think when we use windows and Mac OS. How much our personal and financial information can access by Microsoft? Answer is simple then can access everything available in our system.

Now think,

What happen if in future War condition occurs between India and USA?

If USA decide lock all windows Operating System which is use in India personal, banking, government, Army, Navy and Air force, can we fight with USA?

So many countries understand this type of future risk and stop close source operating system usage and switch on open source platform like china, now other countries also understand it and start to move on open source. Each and every filed smart people use open source operating system, which is no one have ownership.

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About Linux:

Here we understand all things related to Linux operating system, which is need to understand why Linux popular, what it have advantages, disadvantages, certification, career options etc.


What is open source?

Open source software are available free for use as a user, also its source code is available to developer to develop it as per requirement.

Open source software are develop as a public collaboration and made freely available for the public.

Popular open source software are- VLC Player, Firefox, Linux OS, Python etc.


Founder of Linux: 

Linux Benedict Torvald is a developer of Linux kernel. He was develop the code of Linux, when he was student of Helsinki University, Finland. 


History of Linux:

Linux basically came from a Unix family. Linux is also free and open source operating system. Which was developed by Linus Torvald in Sep 1992, when he was student of Helsinki university, Finland USA.

He was He was develop first code of Linux 0.01 and post it on Minix news group 17 Sep 1991, his code become so  popular people encourage him to develop new code and he was lead to develop new code and release first “official” version of Linux, version 0.02 on October 5, 1991.

Today many year pass and Linux become one of the most popular operating system. Today’s 99% fastest Supercomputer out of 500 run on Linux variant including top 10.


What is Unix:

Unix is one of popular and old multitasking, multiuser operating systems, in short it is a coding of programmed which provide interface/link between computer hardware and computer user.  UNIX operating system was developing in 1969, at the Bell Labs research center by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, and other team members.


Linux Today

Today, many year pass and linux become one of the most popular, secure Operating System. Iinux use everywhere today smart phones, supercomputers, desktop, tablet, laptops, web servers, laptops and home appliances like washing machines, DVD players, routers, modems, cars, refrigerators, etc use Linux OS.


Why Use Linux

Linux is very different Operating System as compare with other OS:

It is open source operating system which allow us to develop or reprogram it as per requirement or develop own customizable operating system.

It is complete free OS you can install many computers without pay or licensing issue.

It is completely trouble free operating system to use, never disturbing virus Trojan worms etc.

It always provides stable performance does not require refresh or reboot like other operating systems.

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Where use Linux:

  • Best OS for hacking ( Kali/Parrot OS)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • AWS
  • DevOps
  • Data Science
  • Super Computers/Servers
  • Internet of Things
  • Penetration Testing

Career Opportunities on Linux:

After learn Linux operating system you can eligible for the various career opportunities:

  • Hacking
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Amazon Web Service
  • DevOps
  • Machine Learning
  • Linux Admin
  • Ansible Automation
  • Data Science
  • Internet of Things
  • Penetration testing
  • Server Administrator 
  • System Engineer
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer


How to start Career in Linux:

Which Linux certification is best to start career in Linux, Today Available so many Linux certification In IT industries, here give some popular Linux certification details:


  • Red Hat Certification:

Red Hat is one of the trusted distributors of Linux operating system; Red Hat popular distribution for the commercial market is RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux).

Red Hat provides international syllabus and certification for IT professional who want to become expert in Linux.



  • RHCSA – Red Hat Certified System Administrator
  • RHCE – Red hat Certified Engineer


  • Oracle Linux:

The oracle also design one of the best syllabus for the fresher and working candidates, to become a expert in linux operating system to design implement and configure linux sytem.



  • Oracle Linux and System Administration (5 & 6 )


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  • Linux Foundation:

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) found in October 1999. It start 10 years later, after the Linux Torvald take effort to develop the Linux kernel. It certification helps software professionals to increase knowledge and one of proof have to expertise knowledge.



  • LFCS – Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator.


  • LPI Certification Program: (Linux Professional Institute Certification Program ): 

The Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) certification. LFCS certification is best for those candidates who want to become expert in linux administrator.



  • LPIC-1: Linux Administrator
  • LPIC-2: Linux Engineer
  • LPIC-3: Linux Enterprise Professional


  • CompTIA:

CompTIA design the linux syllabus as per the industry standard for the fresher or professional candidates, CompTIA design Linux+ certification and international syllabus



  • Linux +


  • GCUX: Giac Certified Unix Security Administrator:

The main purpose of attaining this certification course is to prepare professionals for installing, configuring, and monitoring Unix and Linux operating systems.



  • GIAC Certification


Why Linux Certification?

It is helpful for the grab new opportunities IT Industry.

It is better for salary increment to the professionals.

Employers are always looking for the talented Linux candidate and give first choice for the certified 

Certified candidate are always got better position in job market.

Certification is one of the proof of candidates are completed curriculum successfully.

Most of the managers give first priority to certified candidates.



Linux is one of the best way to startup your career in IT and achieve higher position in your organization, Today’s new IT technologies Linux become mandatory, it boost your skill to understand latest Disruptive Technologies such as  AWS, DevOps, Data Science, IoT, AI & ML etc.

Expert always recommended go through Linux to become a successful IT engineer in new Disruptive IT technologies and become Expert new IT market Trends.



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